May 14, 2012

ImageProm Season is upon us and many parents are busy helping their teens gear up for one of the most exciting time in their teen’s life. Many parents overlook the need for the preparations to include specific and honest discussions with their teen about how to stay safe on prom night.

Tips for Parents

* Encourage your teen to get a limo. The will reduce the chances of your teen driving drowsy and/or driving under the influence of alcohol.

* Talk to your teen about the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol use.

* Contact the parents of your teen’s date. Talk to them about the planned arrangements for the night. Discuss the after-prom plans and make sure all parties are okay with it.

* Have an escape plan for a bad situation. Discuss with your teen that if you encounter an uncomfortable situation on prom night they could text or send you an alert notifying you that they need help. Make sure you reinforce that they can contact you at anytime for advise or permission and that you will be discrete.

* Set up times that they are to call and check in.


* Keep yourself safe and remind your friends to be safe.

* Limit passengers in your car to one. The risk of teens getting into a crash increase as the number of passengers increase.

* Have the number of trustworthy cabs programmed in your phone. Have emergency money to pay for a cab.

* Think through and talk with your friends about pressure situations. Have a plan how to handle them.

* Wear your Seat Belt!

* Do not ride with someone who is fatigued or impaired in anyway.

* At all times, know where you are, and know where you’re going.

* Drive defensively on the road!

We hope everyone has a safe, memory filled prom season….