Do you have jewelry scheduled on your homeowner policy?

February 24, 2012

While it doesn’t necessarily make sense to specifically insure every piece of jewelry you own, it’s certainly wise if you have expensive pieces…especially if you wear them frequently.

When you “schedule” a special piece of jewelry on your home, condo or renter policy, it provides additional coverage outside the regular policy limits. It also covers situations such as losing a piece of jewelry that isn’t covered under a regular policy. Agents use the term ‘all risk’ coverage to scheduled jewelry items as when you schedule the item you are getting coverage in the event the piece is lost, stone chips, goes down the drain, etc.

To schedule an item, you usually need to have an appraisal that provides a detailed description and the value. But, something that we sometimes forget is that the value of a piece of jewelry isn’t fixed. With the skyrocketing price of gold and other precious metals over the last few years, you might be surprised that the value of your jewelry has substantially increased. If you currently have scheduled jewelry, you may find that the insured amount is no longer enough and in the event of a loss you are not property protected.

It’s generally recommended to re-appraise jewelry every four to five years. However, when you see a big increase or decrease in commodity prices, you may need to update appraisals sooner to ensure that your coverage is sufficient. Unless, you’ve done so in the last few years, now is a good time to re-appraise your jewelry. Once you re-appraise your jewelry items make sure you get the updated jewelry appraisels to our office so that we can update your home, renters or condo policy.

Keep in mind. This applies not only to jewelry but any high value items such as fine art, antiques, instruments, furs, stamp and coin collections, etc…

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Have Your Insurance Needs Changed???

February 8, 2012

We are a month into the new year and with it new resolutions, goals and tasks. It is also an excellent time to review your insurance plan. We recommend regular policy reviews for 3 reasons:

1. You May Be Over-Paying: Whether your commuting patterns have changed, car usage decreased, loans paid off, household members moved out, or grades improved – you may qualify for a discount. Let us find out what’s new and apply it to your policy. Consider increasing your deductible to save on insurance.

 2. You May Be Under-Insured: In light of the current real estate market, many homeowners opt to invest in remodeling instead of moving. This is the time to update your homeowner’s policy for adequate coverage. Also, your income and assets may have changed, warranting adjusted insurance protection. With lawsuits becoming more frequent and aggressive, it pays to have the right protection in a liability claim.

 3. Save Hassle and Paperwork: We can help you to conveniently consolidate all your personal insurance needs. Call us at 978 365-2302 for a free and easy insurance review.


Super Bowl……Insurance Coverage

February 3, 2012


We are approximately 48 hours until kickoff….the media hype over the past two weeks has gotten all fans ready for what hopes to be a fantastic Superbowl game. Even people that are non football fans will tune in to watch the t.v commercials.

For people in the insurance industry, the Superbowl represents a large undertaking. The overall general coverage for the Superbowl tops 100 million! The top 10 insurance exposures for the Superbowl are the following:

Event Cancellation – something you wouldnt consider BUT snow in Dallas last year cancelled certain events planned throughout the area.

Media Liability – exposures range from copyright issues, wardrobe malfunctions, sponsors, broadcasters and half-time shows.

General Liabilty – The NFL’s biggest day and who knows what could go wrong.

Corporate Liabilty – corporate leaders like to impress clients by wining and dining them at big events. What happens when there is an accident enroute or one favortie client steps out of bounds?

Special Events – NFL Fan Experience which includes ziplining and pass/catch competitions. What happens when someone gets hurt?

Prize Indemnity – some organizer offer prizes for contests or sweepstakes. They insure these contests so that if a someone wins the insurance carrier pays.

Liquor Liability – Some fans in the stands or surronding bars might not be able to stand up by kickoff. Servers everywhere beware.

Advertising Liability –  a one minute ad during the Super Bowl can cost more than 3 million. All those big spending advertisers need to protect their investment.

Terrorism Coverage – we don’t like to think about it but high profile events can be targets.

Directors and Officers – this year’s committee is from Lucus Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

We hope everyone enjoys the Superbowl this years..let’s hope for a safe weekend.








How Snow Plowing Affects Your MA Auto Insurance

February 2, 2012

Well according to Punxsutawney Phil we are in store for six more weeks of winter. Although we have been on the mild side this winter there probably will be some snow falling in February and March. For all of those snowplowers out there eager to make some money let’s review as to how snowplowing affects your MA Auto Insurance.


I have a Personal Auto Policy for my light truck and I would like to plow, do I now need a commercial automobile policy?

Not necessarily. A snow plow does not disqualify a vehicle from a Personal Auto Policy even if the Insured is paid for snowplowing. A lot would depend if the vehicle is being used for any additional business operations. We would recommend contacting your agent and have them amend your policy to include a class 30 business rating and assess your business operations to see if a Commercial Auto Policy would be a better policy choice.

I plow for the Town and Businesses that require to be listed on my policy as additional insureds. Do I need a Commercial Auto Policy?

Yes. Regardless of the type of vehicle you are using to snowplow, additional insured’s can not be added to a personal automobile policy.

I have a Commercial Automobile Policy would the policy cover me if someone slips and falls at a residence or business that I have plowed?

NO. The commerical automobile policy only covers damages caused by your vehicle while plowing. For example you cause damage to a residence fence while plowing. The commercial automobile policy does not give you completed operations coverage. You would need to obtain a business or general liability policy to extend coverage for this exposure.

Is my snow plow covered for physical damage or theft?

Only if the vehicle that the snowplow is attached to carries physical damage coverage. If you add a plow to a vehicle it is important to contact your agent so that they can adjust the value of vehicle to reflect the plow.

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