Grill Safely This Summer

June 22, 2011

Tis’ the season to be grilling as the heat gets turned up a notch and the air conditioner works its magic in your home. BBQ-ers around the country are gearing up to fire up the grill, but before you throw on the steaks reading over some helpful guidelines will help you to avoid homeowner’s claims this summer.

Dress the part- by wearing aprons and grilling gloves you avoid the risk of burning yourself.

Keep your distance- Grills, fryers and smokers should be kept at a safe distance from homes, garages and children. Also keep your grill equipment in a safe and designated location when not being used to prevent accidents or tampering.

Gas tanks- make sure that the cylinder for your gas is always stored outside and away from your home. Ensure that the valves are thoroughly turned off when not in use and check regularly for leaks to prevent gas from escaping.

Make sure you have some type of fire extinguisher near by in the event the grill were to catch on fire.

Let it be- When you are done using your grill it takes a while for it to fully cool down. Make the grill a designated caution zone so that others know to be careful around it when it is heating up and cooling down.

By practicing safe grilling habits, you can avoid accidents and claims to your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy. However, it is crucial that you secure a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance plan to protect you in case of an accident. Come visit our office, or call one of our agents today to make sure that you have proper insurance coverage whether it is on your home, condo or your apartment that you are renting.<a