The Commonwealth BANS Texting While Driving for ALL Massachusetts Drivers!

July 7, 2010

It’s official, texting and driving is no longer legal for Massachusetts drivers! Governor Patrick says “Without question, this new law will save lives on our roadways.” Many people tend to agree with this; and so do we! “Texting while driving has become a serious threat to the safety of our roads and drivers,” said DeLeo a House Speaker, “Protecting the safety of our residents is our most important task as elected officials and this bill is to do just that.”

The texting ban includes electronic mail, instant or text messages, accessing the Internet and other activities that don’t have to do with calls on a phone, pager, laptop, or hand held electronic device by all drivers. It also applies to drivers who are stopped at traffic lights or stop signs

The new law will not be enforced until October 2010, but you shouldn’t wait to break your loved ones of this BAD habit! Starting in October, ANY driver caught reading or composing a text message while operating a motor vehicle will be charged $100. A $500 fine will be imposed to those drivers caught texting while driving a public transportation vehicle. Law enforcement officers have the authority to stop ANY driver suspected of texting and driving, although if cited, this will not be considered a moving violation on your Massachusetts automobile policy.


Teen drivers (18-years and younger) that are apprehended while texting and driving will also be subject to a 60-day suspension of their drivers’ license. In order for the teen to have their drivers’ license reinstated, the driver must take an attitudinal retraining course.  Any driver that accumulates 3 or more of these offenses will be required to take a drivers retraining course. “The bill sends a clear message to all drivers, regardless of age, that when behind the wheel, your primary focus should be driving” says Senator Baddour.

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